what is absolutely necessary for the deepest,
most purest parts of us.

I acquired my first bottle of an essential oil back in 2005; someone told me that it would help me chill out and fall asleep. The smell alone hooked me, and that first night of rest sealed the deal. Later the following year, while in massage therapy school, I was able to learn even more about them through our aromatherapy module.

Since then I've dedicated myself to getting them in my home and on my skin. They have supported me through emotional turmoil, pregnancy and childbirth, stress, and illness. They have freshened my home and lifted my mood. They have altered the atmosphere and cleaned my floors. No magic involved -- just the power of plants and the joy of honoring it.

I'm no expert, but I'm certain of the changes I've seen.. and still see. And if it's ever been on your mind to try to understand what these little bottles are all about, I'd love to walk you through why oils are an amazing addition to your wellness routine.


If essential oils are already kind of your thing,
consider snagging a kit and making this a lifestyle! 

The Premium Starter Kit sets you up to completely remove chemicals from your home and begin living more consciously. Giving more than $300 worth of product at a fraction of the cost, it's the best start for a new you.

++ The top-of-the-line Dewdrop or Desert Mist Diffuser, complete with a one-year warranty*
++ 11 pure, therapeutic grade, multi-functional oils (shown below)
++ Two Ningxia Red samples -- Young Living's powerful antioxidant blend
++ Stainless steel roll-on fitment
++ Thieves Cleaner sample
++ OIl samples and sample bottles to share with friends or take with you on the go
++ Access to a community that will encourage and inspire your oil journey
++ 24% Young Living Wholesale Membership
++ Access to special products, rewards and more

All for $160!


And on top of all that, we get to hang out and talk oils and encourage one another on our quest for safer choices and healthier living! I don't know about you but that sounds like a pretty amazing deal all on its own. 

Image courtesy of Brittany Vail

Image courtesy of Brittany Vail

Oils you receive in the Premium Starter Kit:
Stress Away, Lavender, Raven, PanAway, Citrus Fresh, Frankincense
Five Vitality oils: Lemon, Peppermint, DiGize, Copaiba and Thieves.




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A Day in the Life

PSK Oils Class
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$25 back on the PSK and a surprise freebie in  your welcome pack!


*multiple diffuser options are available and may change the price of the starter kit.