I've always been loud. Loud in love and fun and life. And {rather consequently} that life has proven to be pretty messy. I was redeemed in 2009 and for most of the time since have felt these words can't exist together. Deep down I have felt that my own soul and all her parts couldn't exist, together.

But dangit, what is redemption if not loud and messy?


You see, my Jesus had tattered robes and dirty feet. He and His followers were radical, homeless outcasts. And Calvary? Well, that had to be the loudest, messiest place of all. Slurs and sin hanging in the dark daylight while God Himself, clothed in torn skin, restrained all power and fought purely with love. Yeah.. sounds far from quiet and tidy.

And since I, too, am far from quiet and tidy,
I find peace in knowing that's just the kind of business Christ is in: 
Loud Messy Redemption.

So this is me honoring the wholeness of who I am. It's me saying, "I'm far from perfect but nearer to better." It's me making peace with the past, embracing the seasons and moments I land in, and reaching for the hope that only He can bring.


My latest loud, messy moments..

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