To be honest, writing a bio gives me hives.

So let's just pretend we are meeting face to face. After a huge hug (because that's how I roll) I'd be peppering you with questions about life, work, your passions and dreams. I'd be sipping a huge coffee whilst chasing my children and trying not to trip over my skirt. I'd say "Oh that's awesome!" far too many times, but I can assure you I'd mean it. 

I'm not only the most awkward mom at the playdate, but I'm also a writer, a dreamer and an overcomer. I live to laugh, bake, read, be with family and celebrate. There are few things in this world that bring me as much peace as a long walk through the woods, a fire after the kids are asleep, or a good deep hip stretch. My days are fueled by coffee, prayer, TED Talks, and these hooligans

If you're up for hanging out for a bit,
here's what I hope you'll find in my loud, messy corner of the internet:


Whether in a blog post or my battlecry, I pray something here speaks to you. 


I get it right sometimes.. but friends I'm wrong, a lot.
And it's been a humbling-and-a-half to not only accept that,
but go on to turn the lessons into content for people in similar places.


I love to tell stories, and it's been this way for as long as I can remember.
I meet someone or see something and before I know it,
I'm in my own little world, creating the kick or finding the metaphor. 


Between the sites and people who inspire me most,
and the systems and rhythms I've created to keep me on track,
you are certain to find something to help keep you, too!

Because the truth is, I'm human. And sometimes, I take it to a whole new level.
BUT! That means there's so much room for God to work, whether in my heart, family or relationships.
Each time I choose to let go of control and surrender to grace, I learn something. And this is where I share it. 

This life has certainly proven to be quite the collection of experiences. And through it I've learned countless lessons, found immense encouragement, created life-giving habits and found hope in healing rhythms. My personal mission is to help every woman I meet get unstuck, overcome the toughest parts of herself, and live the victory; and this is my effort to support that.

You can reach out to me at anytime with questions or just to say hey.

Let's do this loud messy life, together!

xo kcho